Which Type Of Hardwood Flooring Should I Install?

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Which Type Of Hardwood Flooring Should I Install?

21 February 2023
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Whether replacing the old floor or need a new one for your new house, you should choose a suitable material for your home. One option you may consider is hardwood flooring. While this flooring material has been around for a long time, it remains relevant thanks to its benefits. Most people prefer hardwood floors because they add beauty and warmth to the house. They also increase property value. 

But with so many hardwood species, selecting the suitable type for your home may be challenging. This post will outline some options for your new hardwood floor installation project.


Compared to other hardwood flooring species, oak is the most popular option. Whether you choose white or red oak, the floor will be durable. Its strong grain pattern makes it easy to mask abnormalities like nicks, dents, scratches, or other flooring mishaps. Therefore, get an oak floor if your household has high traffic due to kids or pets. 

Oak's hardness varies depending on the subspecies you choose. Besides, it will age well and take on a unique patina, thus helping your home retain its beauty. If there are damages, you can fix them on your own or call a professional for quality services.


Another widely available hardwood flooring material you may consider is maple. Although maple is an excellent choice for homeowners with a limited budget, the floor material doesn't look cheap or disappoint. Subspecies like sugar maple are dense and durable. Thus you'll get value for your money. Besides, sugar maple has an attractive grain, which makes the home look outstanding. 

Maple will work well in a modern home because of its natural light texture and grain patterns. The hardwood can also resist slight damages like scrapes and scuffs from furniture legs.


If maple and oak aren't suitable for your home, but you do not want to get exotic hardwood, buy domestic ash. Ash is sturdier than oak. This feature makes it fitting for a high-traffic home. Its graining is strong and comes in numerous color tones ranging from light to gray. This hardwood species is more available than before, so it may not be difficult to find.

Ash is tolerant to humidity and temperature fluctuation. Besides, it ages well and won't splinter. You cannot ignore its shock-absorbing and comfort features, too.

Once you choose a hardwood floor species, get a seasoned flooring contractor to install it. Working with a professional will ensure the floor serves its purpose for many years. They'll also share maintenance tips depending on your specific needs.