5 Reasons To Refinish Your Wood Floors

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5 Reasons To Refinish Your Wood Floors

22 May 2023
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One of the major benefits of wood flooring is its longevity and durability. To ensure this long life, refinishing is periodically necessary to keep the wood in top condition.

1. Cost Effective

When it comes to your floors, it is usually more cost-effective to work with what you have rather than put in something completely new. This is especially true for wood floors since new wood floorboards are much more expensive compared to the process of sanding them down and coating them with a fresh finish. If you are on a budget and doing a home renovation, then refinishing can save you thousands of dollars on your budget.

2. Damage Prevention

Your floors will last longer if they are refinished when necessary because the fresh finish will protect them from damages that can shorten the flooring's working lifespan. Your refinisher is usually able to fix small damages, like dents or minor gouges, but larger issues may require the replacement of an entire board. If you refinish before the damage gets severe, you can avoid that unnecessary replacement expense.

3. Easier Cleaning

Old floors that haven't been refinished in a while can become harder to clean, often seeming grimy even if you just scrubbed them down. This is because the worn finish creates an uneven surface that dirt and grime can stick to. When you refinish the floors, the top layer and all its entrapped dirt are sanded away. The new finish is smooth, so it mops clean easily and dirt won't cling to it very well. Easier cleaning means less time with a mop and more time enjoying your home. 

4. Inhibits Odors

Wood is absorbent and it can absorb odors over time. This is especially true in homes with pets or lots of spills. The act of refinishing will immediately reduce odors because the surface and its trapped odors are sanded away. The next step of sealing the floors can further seal any persistent odors. The fresh seal and finish will also protect the wood floors from absorbing any more odors in the future. 

5. Updates Appearance

One of the main reasons that many homeowners refinish their floors is to give the home a new look. A full refinishing job strips the wood back down to its natural grain and color. You can then opt to stain it any color you wish, making it easy to change dark wood flooring to light wood or vice versa. You can even combine different stain colors to create a design or border around the room.

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