Do You Need To Have Wood Floor Refinishing Done In Your Home?

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Do You Need To Have Wood Floor Refinishing Done In Your Home?

28 December 2022
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Your wood floors are one of the biggest focal points of your home and add to the value of your home in many ways. When you have true hardwood, you have to have wood floor refinishing done periodically to keep the floors in their best condition. Failure to do so can result in dried-out and splintering wood floors or floors that look uneven and have to be stripped. 

If you have any wood floors in your home, at some point wood floor refinishing will be a reality. Here are signs you need to have this done in your home.

Your floors look milky

If your floors look milky and dull, then you need to speak to a wood floor refinishing specialist about having your floors refinished. Often, several seal and protective coats will cause your hardwood floors to become milky, yellowed, and dulled over time. When you have your hardwood floor refinishing done, your floors can look newer than they ever have and you can feel like you put brand-new floors in when in reality, you just had your current floors treated.

Your floors feel scratchy

Are your hardwood floors scratchy and feel like they are pulling at socks, scuffing up shoes, and otherwise not feeling smooth and comfortable? If your hardwood floors feel like the seams are exposed, the floors are scratchy and itchy, and your hardwood is starting to look grungy because the floors are just not smooth anymore, then consider wood floor refinishing. Your hardwood floor specialists will assist you in getting your floors sanded and smoothed and you can also have them refinished with a new stain and sealant to give your floors a more attractive and comfortable appeal.

Your floors look old and dated

Are your floors old and dated and they just don't look like they match the rest of your home? When your hardwood floors start to look like they haven't aged well, then it's time to do an upgrade. You can either replace your wood floors or you can do wood floor refinishing. Your wood floor specialists will show you all your options and help you pick the new floor style that works best for your needs.

Your hardwood floor refinishing specialist will make your floors look good as new again and help you keep your wood floors lasting for a long time. The sooner you have wood floor refinishing done, the better for keeping your floors in the best condition overall.

Contact a flooring contractor to learn more about wood floor refinishing.