3 Reasons To Choose Smaller Tiles For A Home With Young Children

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3 Reasons To Choose Smaller Tiles For A Home With Young Children

21 October 2022
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Tile flooring can be a great addition to a home if you've been interested in having floors that are easy to clean and are more affordable than hardwood. With so many styles of tile to choose from, you can start by finding the size of tile that works best for your home. If you have young children, it's wise to opt for a smaller tile. Consider the following benefits of choosing smaller tiles for your flooring when you're replacing the flooring in a family home. 

Easy to Replace as Necessary

One of the best reasons to choose small tile over large tile when your home is busy with children is the likelihood that the tile can be broken. Large tile can be expensive, making it much more challenging to replace a single piece of tile that's chipped or has other damage. With small tiles, removing a single piece and replacing it can be much easier and allow you to take care of repairs independently.

Since damage is unavoidable over the years when you have children and company over often, small tiles can be an economical choice that's easy to maintain.

More Grout Adds Traction 

Smaller tile means more grout lines, helping to add traction. With young children at home, you'll want to do your best to avoid the risk of one of your children running around and slipping on the floor. Since tile can be quite slippery due to its smooth surface, grout can add areas to grip and reduce the chance of a fall.

Although more grout lines demand more cleaning, it can be an effective way to make falls less likely and ensure that the tile is a safer choice for a home with children.

Interesting Patterns and Colors

As you prepare to install tile flooring, you'll find many options that vary in colors and patterns. Large tiles are generally best to have the same style throughout your home, leading to a minimalist look.

If you're interested in fun patterns or colors, small tiles make it easy to combine several tiles together. This can be a great option when you don't want to commit to a tile that's too bold in appearance and are interested in pops of colors throughout your home.

Replacing your flooring with tile can come with many questions due to the different options that range in appearance. Instead of being disappointed with some tile choices when you have children, look into the benefits of smaller-sized tiles.  

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