Trying To Address Unsightly Concrete Floors? Consider The Benefits Of Polishing

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Trying To Address Unsightly Concrete Floors? Consider The Benefits Of Polishing

15 August 2022
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No matter where your concrete floor surface is, you might want to consider concrete polishing to create a smooth, polished finish on that floor. If you've never considered concrete polishing before, you might not understand why it's such a big deal. Here are some of the benefits to consider when you're trying to decide if polishing is the right solution for your concrete floor.

Attractive Finish

When you have a concrete floor polished, it produces a smooth, high-gloss sheen on the surface of the floor. This is far more attractive than the traditional dull, matte grey finish that you have with most concrete materials. If you're looking to turn that concrete floor into something that looks a little less industrial, polishing may be the solution for you.


Another reason why many people consider polishing for their concrete floors is the added durability that it contributes. Concrete is durable on its own, but when you polish it, it creates a strong surface finish that's not vulnerable to stains, chips, scratches, or other types of damage. In addition, polished concrete can hold up under excess weight, so heavy equipment or vehicles won't be an issue if you're dealing with a garage floor.

Reduced Allergen Issues

In households with allergy issues, flooring options that don't trap dust, dander, pet hair, and pollens can make a significant difference. If you're refinishing the basement and debating putting carpet over the concrete floor, think about polishing the concrete instead. That way, with routine sweeping and mopping, you won't have to worry about trapped allergens in carpet fibers down the road, and it will be easier to keep the floors clean.

Brighter Space

Especially if you're dealing with a basement space that is limited on windows, a polished concrete floor might be a great way to help improve the lighting. Polished concrete will reflect light, bouncing it back up off the floor and making the room feel brighter without having to add more lights. This is great for avoiding that damp, dark basement feel that can often result when you have a finished basement space that's lacking windows.

These are some of the many reasons to consider polished concrete for your floors. Talk with a concrete contractor today for more help and information. They can guide you through the polishing options that are right for your situation, whether it's a basement, garage, or any other floor space that you're trying to deal with. 

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