What Flooring Options Are Best Suited For Commercial Buildings?

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What Flooring Options Are Best Suited For Commercial Buildings?

8 April 2022
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There is no doubt that commercial floors experience higher foot traffic than their residential counterparts. With that said, you should aim to find a floor that can last a long period without breaking down in your commercial establishment. But choosing the ideal commercial flooring can be a daunting task considering the wide array of options in the market today. 

You should consider certain things when picking a floor. These include your business's unique needs, your budget, and the building's design. Aside from that, you want an aesthetically appealing floor and a safe one to minimize work-related injuries. To make a sound decision, it is best to hire commercial flooring services for guidance. Below are some of the best commercial floors to consider.

Terrazzo Floors

First up is commercial terrazzo floors. This flooring option is not only lasting but is good-looking as well. Besides that, it allows you to engrave your logo, which boosts the overall business image. The only downside about terrazzo floors is the costly installation. But due to its durability, the initial installation cost is worthwhile. Terrazzo floors are best suited for places such as airports and showrooms.

Polished Concrete Floors

This type of flooring is most common in commercial places such as malls, warehouses, and supermarkets. If you are looking for a contemporary look for your business, a polished commercial floor is ideal. The polished look eliminates the need for regular maintenance. Additionally, it reflects light, thus cutting energy bills. 

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly flooring option, go for a concrete floor since the installation doesn't cause harmful emissions. Another impressive feature of these floors is that they do not encourage mold growth. That means your employees are not at risk of suffering from allergies.

Epoxy Floors

You can also go with epoxy for your commercial floor. Its longevity comes from the thermosetting resin applied onto a moisture-treated concrete slab. The resin also ensures your floor does not suffer from abrasion caused by high traffic or get stained from spills. Epoxy is not only affordable but is also available in several options. Therefore, you can use this floor in just about any commercial setting, including labs and manufacturing firms. But, to accrue these benefits, you have to ensure the installation is handled professionally.

There are numerous commercial floors to choose from regardless of the application. Remember not only to pick a lasting floor but one that is also safe for everyone walking on it. Most importantly, engage a commercial flooring contractor for lasting and desirable results. 

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