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The Lowest Surface in Your Home

Homes tend to have a lot of different surfaces in them. They have counter tops, stove tops, and other surface that are used for meal preparation. They have desk tops that are used for office work. But one of the largest surfaces in your home — probably the largest surface — is your floor. It's easy to overlook your floor and take it for granted, but without it, you wouldn't really have a home. As such, we thought we would start one of few blogs about flooring. It's a surface we should all appreciate more, and one we all need in our lives.


5 Reasons Hardwood Flooring May Be Right For You

10 March 2023
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When the time comes to choose the flooring for your home, consider hardwood flooring. Once you read about some advantages hardwood flooring can bring to you and your home, you may see that it would be a great fit. Here are 5 things you should know about hardwood flooring advantages:  1: Hardwood offers a high-end look for any home With some types of flooring, you have to put forth a great deal of money to get a high-end look. Read More …

Which Type Of Hardwood Flooring Should I Install?

21 February 2023
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Whether replacing the old floor or need a new one for your new house, you should choose a suitable material for your home. One option you may consider is hardwood flooring. While this flooring material has been around for a long time, it remains relevant thanks to its benefits. Most people prefer hardwood floors because they add beauty and warmth to the house. They also increase property value.  But with so many hardwood species, selecting the suitable type for your home may be challenging. Read More …

Restoring Your Wood Floors By Refinishing Them

10 February 2023
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Hardwood floors with visible wear or staining may benefit from the resurfacing process. This restoration work can eliminate the cosmetic problems that the hardwood may have developed. Assess The Benefits Of Resurfacing Hardwood Rather Than Replacing It Resurfacing hardwood floors is an alternative to having them replaced. The replacement process can be drastically more costly than resurfacing. Additionally, it can also be far more disruptive for your home. Removing the previous floors can take several days, and installing the new flooring planks may also take considerable time. Read More …

5 Hardwood Flooring Considerations For Small Rooms

31 January 2023
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Hardwood flooring is a beautiful and durable choice for nearly any room in the home. There are a few techniques to keep in mind if you are putting hardwood into a smaller room, though.   1. Color It's not a secret that lighter colors open up spaces, while dark colors can make them seem smaller and more crowded. Further, blending the floors into the walls and ceiling will further make the rooms seem larger. Read More …

Benefits Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

16 January 2023
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The right floor can boost your home's appearance and comfort and increase property value. While various flooring options such as wood, concrete, and marble floors are available, consider installing luxury vinyl flooring for these benefits. Variety Luxury vinyl flooring consists of multiple layers, and the top layer can transform your home due to its variety of finishes. For instance, the floor can mimic different floors, including stone, wood, and tile. Additionally, you can order custom luxury vinyl floor designs with the desired characteristics. Read More …