Hardwood Refinishing 101: Everything You Need To Know

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Hardwood Refinishing 101: Everything You Need To Know

21 March 2023
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Hardwood floors have a rustic yet beautiful appeal, adding class and elegance to your home. While they are durable, hardwood floors require care and maintenance to maintain their beauty. As such, you should fix any scratches, strains, or splinters on your floors as soon as they appear.

Refinishing your hardwood floors is one of the best ways to maintain them. Thus, hire a hardwood flooring expert to refinish them regularly.

Here's everything you need to know about refinishing your hardwood floors. 

What's the Difference Between Refinishing and Resurfacing Hardwood Floors?

While refinishing hardwood floors is often confused with resurfacing, the two processes differ and show different outcomes.

Refinishing hardwood is a process to help you remove or cover signs of wear and tear on your floors through sanding. When you hire a refinishing expert, they will sand down the top layer of your floor and apply fresh stain and lacquer on the wood. The expert will use a drum sander, stain, and lacquer to restore the shiny look of your hardwood floors. The refinished floor will be more attractive and more resistant to damage.

Resurfacing is a more intensive hardwood floor repair process. During floor resurfacing, the flooring experts might remove old floorboards, grind down the uneven planks and replace some boards with new ones. Resurfacing is more expensive and time-consuming, but it is the best repair process for an extremely damaged hardwood floor.

What Are the Benefits of Hardwood Refinishing?

One outstanding benefit of hardwood floor refinishing is getting a more beautiful floor at a lower cost than resurfacing. Hardwood refinishing professionals will remove all those scratches, stains, and dents and leave your floor looking as good as new. 

Secondly, hardwood refinishing can help you improve your home's market value. If you want to sell your home, refinishing the floors can fetch you a better price. The refinishing process leaves your home looking shiny and well-maintained. Most traditional home buyers love sturdy, well-maintained floors, evidence that you've loved and taken care of your home.

When Do You Need to Refinish Your Hardwood Floor?

If you have deep, noticeable scratches on your floors, it's time to hire a hardwood refinishing expert. These could be pet scratches or marks from dragging furniture across your floors. Whatever the cause, you should refinish them and restore their glory.

Gray stains are a sign of water-damaged hardwood and should be your cue to take up a refinishing project. The stains indicate worn-out polyurethane on your floors that cause water damage. Your floors could seep in water from the rain, snow, spilled drinks, or your regular cleaning products.

Refinishing the floors will prevent more moisture from seeping into the wood and avert further damage from the already absorbed moisture. Contact a service provider to learn more about hardwood refinishing.