Assumptions To Avoid When Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

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Assumptions To Avoid When Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

19 April 2022
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Hardwood flooring is an option that many people will choose to install in their homes. In addition to being known for its durability, this is a type of flooring that can also complement a wide range of interior design schemes.

Assumption: Hardwood Flooring Is Always A Bad Choice For Moist Climates

Individuals that live in humid or otherwise moist climates may be worried about choosing to install hardwood flooring in their homes. In particular, there can be an assumption that the moist air will increase the risk of the wood warping and no longer fitting together correctly. In reality, engineered hardwood flooring can be an option that is well-suited to these conditions. This is largely a result of this type of flooring being more flexible. In contrast, solid wood flooring may be less flexible, which can increase the risk of it warping and cracking as a result of swelling in response to absorbing moisture from the air.

Assumption: Hardwood Flooring Will Be Simple To Install Without Professional Help

Hardwood flooring systems are often designed to be a series of interlocking panels. This can lead to people coming to the conclusion that it will be simple for them to install these floors without professional help. Yet, this can be a surprisingly difficult project as the floors will need to be properly fitted together. Additionally, these panels may need to be cut to fit into small spaces and corners. These difficulties coupled with the intense amount of work that is required to install any type of flooring can make it worth the cost to invest in hiring professional contractors to oversee the preparation and installation of the new hardwood flooring system.

Assumption: Refinishing Will Always Drastically Alter The Appearance Of The Floors

Once hardwood flooring has sustained a substantial amount of wear, refinishing it can be an option that a homeowner may want to utilize. Homeowners may assume that refinishing their floors will dramatically change their appearance. However, it is possible for the refinishing process to fully restore the appearance of the flooring to its original condition. To achieve this, you will simply need to ensure that you use the same finish and stain on the floor after the top surface has been sanded away. If you are not sure as to the particular finish that was used on your flooring, a hardwood contractor may be able to help you match it as closely as possible so you can get the best results from this work. Look into hardwood floor refinishing near you.