Why Luxury Vinyl Plank Works Well For Bathrooms

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Why Luxury Vinyl Plank Works Well For Bathrooms

21 March 2022
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Flooring options are always changing over the years. One type of flooring that has become more common in recent years is luxury vinyl plank. This type of flooring consists of a padded backing and a vinyl top. The vinyl top is colored and textured to resemble wood. You can use luxury vinyl plank in a dining room, a kitchen, or an entryway. However, it tends to be particularly well-suited for use in the bathroom. Here's why.

It is waterproof

Bathrooms are wet places. Even if you are really careful and always use a bath mat when you step out of the shower, little splashes and drops of water will get scattered around. Some types of flooring won't stand up to this sort of moisture, but luxury vinyl plank will. The vinyl top layer is made to resist moisture damage, similar to the way a vinyl fence or PVC pipe would. You don't have to worry if someone splashes in the tub or drips a little water on the floor.

It looks like wood

People tend to like the way wood looks in the bathroom. It looks natural, which is a nice look in a room where you're trying to relax and take care of yourself. However, real wood is not particularly well suited for use in the bathroom. If it gets wet, it may swell and eventually develop rot. This does not happen with luxury vinyl plank, although luxury vinyl plank looks like wood. In other words, with luxury vinyl plank flooring, you can enjoy the comforting look of wood without its downsides.

It feels reasonably soft underfoot

You don't want carpet in the bathroom, but you don't want a really hard floor, either. You want the floor to cradle your feet a little when you step on it first thing in the morning. Luxury vinyl plank has this softness. The back layer of the flooring is padded, which gives the floor a little "give." Stepping on it won't feel like stepping on a hard, stone tile. It will feel more comfortable, which is particularly nice if you have arthritis or pain in your joints.

If you need a floor for your bathroom, consider a luxury vinyl plank floor. These floors are soft to step on, they look like wood, and they are waterproof. Talk to a bathroom remodeling company to learn more about luxury vinyl plank installation and to see whether it's a good choice for you.